About OHS

The Office of Health Strategy (OHS) was created in 2017 and established in 2018 by a strong bipartisan effort of the Connecticut General Assembly to forward high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare for all residents. The legislation re-organized existing state resources into one body, redeploying people and programs more efficiently, and centralizing health policymaking to advance the healthcare reform initiatives that will drive down healthcare costs; close Connecticut’s deeply entrenched racial, economic, and gender health disparities; and undertake technology-driven modernization efforts throughout the healthcare system. OHS has statutory and regulatory responsibilities including Health Systems Planning and the Certificate of Need program, the development of the state’s Health Information Exchange, administering the All-Payer Claims Database, and initiatives to improve drug pricing transparency. The work of the Office of Health Strategy is funded, in part, by tens of millions of dollars in federal grants that are secured through a competitive process, positioning Connecticut as a leader in healthcare policy reform.